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Shaolin Viaggi is based in the center of China, where is the hometown of chinese civilisation and famous for Yangshao Culture, Shaolin Temple, Shaolin Wushu and Tai jiquan. we have acquired an unparalleled and widely acclaimed reputation for innovative professionalism, and our extensive knowledge about China tours. Shaolin Viaggi is lead by renowned CYIT CO.LTD , who is one of the most important pioneer in the Chinese travel industry. Our qualified staff of experienced multi-linguists tour guide successfully provide a uniquely personal and high-quality service.       

Our aim is combining comfortable travel arrangements with quality accommodation and fascinating tourist attractions . Our renowned experience about China, encompassing his culture, history, Shaolin Wushu and Tai Jiquan, ensures that we are able to study and design any national tour to suit your specific requirements, and provide a truly memorable travel in China. Shaolin Travel welcomes all friends from around the world to China ! And welcome to hometown of Shaolin Wushu and  Tai jiquan !  

Please contact us with your ideas, and we guarantee a reply within 24 hours.   


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